The Fults

Q & A

How do I book The Fults?

Shoot us a quick email at with your event date and we will be touch! A signed contract plus a non-refundable deposit is needed to officially reserve your event date.

Is it only used to serve alcohol?

Not at all! The trailer is considered a “prop”. Everything in the trailer is movable. We created it to serve beverages (beer, wine, cocktails, whiskey, coffee/tea, etc.) and some food items at private functions. It can also be used as a cash register station, to distribute marketing materials or as a photo booth! The possibilities are endless!

Is there a fee for delivery?

Possibly. Smith & Co. Photography will deliver and pick-up the trailer to locations within Bartholomew County free of charge. For locations in communities surrounding Bartholomew County, a mileage fee will apply. (.50 per mile outside area code 47203 - ex. $70 roundtrip to Louisville from our home base)

If you are a Smith & Co. couple using our photography services discounts will apply.

What does it mean you are dry hire?

The Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission (IABC) does not allow us to sell alcohol. I know, we are bummed too, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. Now you can choose the brands your guests love and create your perfect craft cocktail menu. We’ll do this together and then you’ll know how many bottles and mixers to buy. Together we’ll work with you or your catering vendor to create your perfect bar menu that will bring smiles to the faces of your guests, especially when they discover you created all this deliciousness.

Can non-alcoholic beverages be served?

Yes, since you are the one purchasing the beverages we can work with you to create a specialty package for whatever you need!

How many servers does it come with?

Your rental includes one server for the duration of your event. Depending on the size of your event you will only need one, two adults of average size can be inside the unit at any given time. We will help you with logistics during our planning. No one under the age of 21 is allowed in the unit.

What games/extras are included?

The Fults will always travel with additional entertainment, including our giant Jenga and a corn hole set, at no cost to you.

What type of accessories are available?

Staging is our jam and we want each event to match the style of our clients. Our menu marquee will be hand lettered with your personal requests. A variety of floral decorations to string up on the trailer are also available. We also offer a seating area rental for $100 that includes a settee, two chairs, vintage mobile bar cart and other props.

What are the electrical requirements?

We are fully electrical for what we need - if you require additional lighting and if the conditions are safe, a power cord can be plugged into a nearby standard 110 electrical outlet. For an additional fee a generator can be rented to “keep the lights on and add additional lighting longer periods of time as well.

Will it fit in my venue?

Our 1986 Bonanza Trailer is: 7’6″ high, 6’11” wide, 11’6″ long and weighs approximately 1600 lbs. It must be maneuvered into place while being towed behind a truck. While we prefer flat ground, we are able to level her out- so gentle sloping areas will work.

Are items such as glassware, serving utensils, ice, beverages or food provided?

Smith & Co. does not carry a food prep or State liquor distribution license, therefore the client, or their contracted catering service, must provide all alcoholic beverages, food, serving equipment, glassware, etc. (Our bartenders are licensed to serve alcohol, which is a different license than selling and distributing) We are happy to work with your catering vendor directly to ensure a smooth working space.

We do offer packages that come with utensils, glassware, etc... if you are interested in having us provide that service please see our packages and add on section for choices.